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APC - Consultancy and Service Bureau in Manacor and Porto Cristo

APC Assessoria has been a leader for over 20 years in the provision of tax and accounting consultancy services, payroll consultancy, processing of deeds as well as sales and purchases, and insurance in general.

Providing a wide range of services, APC Assessoria is proud to have a team of highly qualified professionals with solid training in every business branch.

Our consultancy services are offered to both companies and private individuals. Our clients have relied on us since the very beginning, allowing us to grow with them over the years.

At APC Assessoria, our clients’ concerns are our concerns, treating each one with a personal and individualised approach to make sure we solve them. No two clients are the same for us, and our customised approach makes us highly effective in tackling the challenges our clients face.

With a successful track record in providing consultancy services in multiple areas, APC Assessoria is the natural choice for those seeking effective and customised solutions for their business consultancy needs.

What makes us different?

Our service is on a one-to-one basis

Team of more than 8 people

We can respond to any enquiry

Over 20 years of experience

Tax Consultancy

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Payroll Consultancy

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Property Administration

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We work for...

Self-employed Professionals

We know you work non-stop. That’s why we offer solutions for the self-employed professionals that will make your life easier and your company more competitive.


Professionalism, reliability and efficiency to provide the best comprehensive solutions to meet all the needs your company may have, be it in the payroll, tax or accounting fields.


Our team of professionals provides solutions to your needs with complete confidence. Our professional team will reliably provide a solution to your needs. Save time on your income tax return, assets, legal or employment-related queries.

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